Would you like to test ADSL?

If you want to assure yourself of our quality and you already use the ADSL service of some other provider, we offer you the possibility of trying our ADSL service free of charge.

All you have to do is to fill in this form and, in a couple of moments, you will get an SMS message on your mobile telephone, with Username and Password for a test account we are going to open for you. The test account will provide you with the possibility of using the ADSL service for the duration of 30 minutes.


Register for a test ADSL account
Name and surname *
E-mail * The address to which we should e-mail usage instructions to you.
Location *
Number of ADSL connection * The telephone number where ADSL is installed.
Current provider *
Contact telephone number * The mobile telephone number to which a text message with your Username and Password will be sent to you.
Enter the speed of your ADSL: * Each ADSL package is separately configured to a specific speed that it will use. In order for you to be able to get the maximum service quality, you should enter the ADSL speed you already use with your current provider. If you enter a lower/higher speed, the service quality will be poorer. It is not possible to test a higher speed than the one you use at the moment.
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